Initiatives that matter to you

Family Values
A Healthy Wisconsin Economy

Cody will continue to work with various stakeholders at both the local and state level to move the creation of a new medical school forward. This would be the first new medical school in Wisconsin in over 100 years. This new medical school will help not only the people of the 33rd Assembly District but folks across the state. We have a shortage of primary care doctors in this state and the need will only grow as our population continues to age. This new medical college will help to alleviate that need in both rural and underserved urban communities alike. The medical college is also a great economic development driver providing not only jobs during the construction of the college but continuing development as various medical-related fields will need employees and physical space. The state, and our communities, will benefit from this project and Cody is committed to supporting growth and development across the State of Wisconsin.

A Smarter Wisconsin Through Better Education

Cody is committed to maintaining and expanding quality education opportunities for Wisconsin students. Cody has been working with agencies, school districts, and constituents across his district to discuss school funding and identify areas where school districts can be given more flexibilities. Cody believes in reducing bureaucratic red tape and burdensome state regulations to allow local districts the ability to work collaboratively with their communities to provide quality education to students.

A Government Run On Family Values

Family is extremely important to Cody. Having the benefit of a loving and supportive family, he knows that the family is what matters. It's this family-centered approach to life and decision making that Cody relies on every day. Working in the criminal justice system, Cody has experienced first-hand the power of family support and the effects of strong family relationships. This experience has led him to work with a coalition of child advocates, law enforcement, and the Department of Justice to identify ways to strengthen the neglect statutes here in Wisconsin, providing greater protections for our kids. Additionally, as a Wisconsin sportsman, Cody never misses deer season in the November woods with his father, Keith, and Cody credits his mother, Patricia with giving him the encouragement and unwavering support to pursue his passion. Cody believes life begins at conception, making him a proud pro-life advocate, who will continue to work to ban the sale of fetal tissue in the State of Wisconsin.